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Writing An Essay About School Years: 7 Helpful Suggestions

There are many different topics that you can use as the basis of an academic paper, including writing an essay about school years. If this is the case, then the following seven suggestions should hopefully be helpful for you.

  1. Deciding whether to focus on your own experiences or school years in general
  2. The first thing that you might wish to consider is whether or not you want to draw upon your own experiences, or look at school years in a more general way. In fact, you could even focus on the school years of someone else.

  3. Deciding which age group to focus on
  4. Another important thing to decide is what age group you wish to discuss. It might be that you look at students of all ages; alternatively, you may wish to look at either younger or older students in particular.

  5. Deciding what other aspects of school years to write about
  6. When discussing school years, there are many different aspects of the topic that you can write about. For example, you might talk about specific lessons, you might talk about teachers, you might talk about exams, you might talk about assignments, or you might talk about a wide range of other aspects. Therefore, you will need to decide what you want to focus on as part of your work.

  7. Preparing the work
  8. Once you have a better idea of what you will be discussing, you will need to start planning the work. As part of your preparations, you should put together an essay plan, as well as timeframe for doing the work.

  9. Carrying out any relevant research
  10. It might be the case that you do not need to do much research, particularly if basing your paper on your own experiences. However, if you think that research would benefit your paper, then it is important to do it.

  11. Writing your essay
  12. The next step will involve actually writing your paper. You will start with the first draft, before making changes to this in subsequent drafts.

  13. Proofreading and editing what you have written
  14. The final thing that you need to do is an incredibly important part of the work, and will involve proofreading and editing what you have written. It is during this stage that you will aim to eliminate any mistakes that you have made with the spelling and grammar.


Practice Makes Perfect.

Practicing will certainly help, but it has to be done right to make the student into a good writer. Students need to practice editing and get a teacher to help them spot mistakes. In addition, students will want to read through grammar books and style guides to learn everything that they can about writing.